Brazilian Butt – Are You Suitable For BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift 

Brazilian butt surgery, also known as, BBL, is a popular procedure in women who want to enhance their look aesthetically. The surgery is known as one of the most effective procedures that allows patients to achieve the look that they desire. 

The aim of the procedure is to enhance the look of the buttocks to make it look more lifted. The procedure can take approximately two hours, after which patients will feel better seeing the result and their perfect appearance. 

The method has proved successful results in achieving a firmer buttocks. The procedure is safe and is preferred by many people today as its provides confidence and enhances social life due to its impressive change. As it’s also possible to get rid of excess fat in the waist area and to correct the abdominal circumference during the operation, people choose the Brazilian butt surgery method for these areas they see as problem areas.

Who Is A Brazilian Butt Procedure Suitable For

Who Is A Brazilian Butt Procedure Suitable For?

Individuals interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift will be advised of any conditions that may hinder or not allow for the procedure, however and if they are not suitable for the procedure, but generally anyone anyone can benefit from this procedure.

A BBL procedure can be applied to men and women and is excellent in preventing sagging, especially with individuals who experience rapid weight gain and weight loss. 

As it is a surgical procedure, the patient must be over the age of 18. This surgery is also known as being highly effective in achieving a flawless appearance by correcting the appearance of cellulite and pits on the skin in the buttocks.

A BBL, Brazilian butt lift surgery, is for individuals who are unhappy with their body structure, specifically due to their buttocks, and after a more aesthetic look.  Aesthetic procedures, which have a psychological side as well as physical appearance, also allow the person to be happy and more confident in their work and social life.

How Is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Performed?

A Brazilian butt lift surgery is an aesthetic surgery performed using the person’s own fat. The surgery is known as one of the most successful plastic surgeries, that allows both the use of the person’s own fat as well as silicone enhancements. Most of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedures, however, use the person’s own fat in the treatment.

In the first part of the BBL procedure, a Liposuction method is performed. The excess fat formed in the belly and the waist parts of the patient are removed by a vaser or laser liposuction method. The next stage involves the injection of the fat tissues into the butt area of the person, using special procedures. This procedure allows patients to achieve a more aesthetically shaped and lifted looking buttocks after a very comfortable procedure. With procedures requiring silicone prostheses, the operation in the buttocks region of the patient ensures that the required size of the silicone prosthesis is placed under the skin without damaging the buttock tissue.

For a buttocks reduction, a liposuction method is widely used and also helps to give a more lifted look. The operation involves the removal of excess fat tissue and a surgical procedure is applied. The aesthetic appearance is gained based on the patients desires. 

For the smooth running of the surgery and to gain the desired results, it’s important for the physician and the patient to have a comfortable relationship and discuss everything. A physician who understands the patient’s expectation and provides the patient with detailed information about the surgery plays a huge role in the success of the operation. The aesthetic surgeon examines the patient in thorough detail before the operation and decides on the most appropriate technique for the patient. It’s also very important that all necessary health checks are performed before the operation.

Recovery Process After Brazilian Butt Surgery

The recovery process is generally quite comfortable. Patients have a one night hospital stay in recovery. If the condition of the patient under observation is good, they may be discharged the day after the operation and taken to rest at home. Patients are advised to rest in bed for 3 days. During this time, they should not experience any pain. Patients with stitches should take extra care during recovery. By the 4th day, patients can slowly start to get up, move around and return to daily life without straining themselves too much. They can take a bath and sit down at this point too.

Redness and swelling in the buttocks may occur in the first week following the surgery, however this is completely normal. At approximately the end of the first month, all surgical scars disappear and the patient can  start to enjoy the positive change in their body. It is important that the patient feels good during the healing process. Feelings of doubt whether the operation meets the expectation may occur, however the patient should trust the specialist performing the operation.

Individuals interested in the operation should research the doctor, the center and the hospital. Patients who feel better and sexier aesthetically, regain their lost self-confidence. Therefore, the choice of surgeon and center is of high importance to avoid psychological devastation that may arise from possible negative consequences

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

Is Brazilian butt surgery permanent?
Is Brazilian butt surgery permanent?

This is one of the most popular questions by individuals interested in a BBL. Experts advise that the results of this procedure will last for 6 years. During this stage, paying attention to the quality of life of the patient is an important criterion in extending this period.

Is there pain and soreness after butt aesthetics?
Is there pain and soreness after butt aesthetics?

Mild aches and pains are felt after the surgery. However, the pain is not unbearable, and should be eliminated with pain killers.

Does a butt aesthetic surgery cause cellulite?
Does a butt aesthetic surgery cause cellulite?

This procedure which is performed using fat stores, is not effective in the formation of cellulite on the patient's body. The injected fats are homogeneously distributed after a while and a perfect appearance is obtained.

Is it necessary to use a corset after surgery?
Is it necessary to use a corset after surgery?

Yes. It is absolutely essential for the patient to use a corset that is specially made for this procedure. In order to support the success of the surgery and to ensure better shaping of the buttocks, this corset should be provided before the surgery and used in accordance with the doctor's instructions.

Does a butt aesthetics procedure cause allergies?
Does a butt aesthetics procedure cause allergies?

Since the materials used in Brazilian butt surgery are free of allergens, patients are not expected to develop any allergic reactions after the operation.

What are the advantages of Brazilian butt surgery?
What are the advantages of Brazilian butt surgery?

BBL procedure is a healthy and advantageous approach that allows individuals to get rid of uncomfortable lines on the buttocks in a short time. One of the biggest advantages of a BBL is that the desired effect can be achieved in a short period of time.
Achieving the desired body type easily and quickly without pain is a huge benefit for the comfort of the patient's life.

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