Dermapen Treatment

What is a Dermapen (Collagen Induction Therapy) treatment?

Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen is a micro-needling technique used on the top layer of the skin. Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or Dermaroller, the treatment is great for fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, and improvement of the skin due to aging.

As we age, the cell renewal process that keeps skin healthy and shiny decreases. Today there are many treatment options – dermapen being one of the most popular options, is quick, practical and allows for patients to return to daily life immediately after application.

Dermapen treatment helps to restore permanent damage caused overtime and reveal a healthy, vibrant and younger looking skin.

The choice of the physician and the clinic is very important for this procedure. If the treatment is applied in a non-sterile environment, its not possible to get an effective result and different skin problems may also occur.

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Who is Dermapen Suitable for?

Individuals considering dermapen must be over 18 years of age. Dermapen treatment is especially beneficial for skin with wrinkles, decreased elasticity, skin spots, blemishes, opened pores, large pores, sun spots and postpartum spots.
Together with aging, other common factors that can contribute to damaged skin are sun exposure damage, pregnancy and after birth. Dermapen has been a suitable choice of treatment for these common problems.

How is Dermapen Performed?

A Dermapen application usually takes between 30-40 minutes. The practitioner will apply an anesthetic cream prior to treatment. 

A Dermapen device with disposable micro needles carefully pierce the skin, moving back and forth rapidly, to penetrate the cells. The pen is held over the skin in a vertical position over the problemed areas. The aim is to revitalize the skin cells, increase skin’s natural elastin and collagen production. With continuous treatment, cell renewal rate increases. The treatment can take anywhere between 3-6 sessions, leaving 3 weeks in between, depending on skin types results. weeks.

What to expect after a Dermapen application

The recovery period post Dermapen application, is evaluated within the scope of the healing process.

As the treatment is a fairly light procedure, patients can return to their daily lives immediately after the application. However, it is extremely important that patients use sunscreen to avoid any complications. IInformation on the products to use can be obtained from the specialist.

In the first session of a Dermapen application, redness or sensitivity may be experienced, especially in damaged areas. These are normal during the treatment process and patients shouldn’t worry.

However, as some complications seen in patients are unexpected it is important to take action early. For example, cases such as subcutaneous bleeding or bruising are situations that require intervention.

Such complications may occur as a result of the application being performed in a non-sterile environment and by inexperienced personnel. In order to avoid such incidents during the healing process, importance should be given to the specialist and the clinic chosen.

Advantages of Dermapen

While a Dermapen treatment has various benefits, the most popular benefit is that it triggers cell regeneration.

Other advantages of the application are as follows:

  • Decrease the signs of wrinkles
  • Visible signs of vitality 
  • Tightened skin, especially in people with sagging skin.
  • Tighter  pores
  • Repairs sun damage and uneven skin tone

Dermapen FAQ’s

Is Dermapen a safe procedure?
Is Dermapen a safe procedure?

Dermapen is one of the most reliable options for skin resurfacing. This is because the micro-needles used do not puncture the skin. On the contrary, it acts on the outer layer of the skin and thus helps stimulate collagen production. The outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, begins to heal after the application. It takes approximately 24-48 hours to heal completely. It is recommended that people follow expert recommendations during the healing process.

Who is Dermapen not suitable for?
Who is Dermapen not suitable for?

Dermapen is not advised for the following:
People who have undergone radiotherapy
Women who are pregnant
Open wounds in the area Dermapen will be applied
Individuals with eczema or psoriasis
People with active acne

What to do before a Dermapen procedure?
What to do before a Dermapen procedure?

For a more effective result, physicians recommend following a good quality skincare regime, weeks prior to the procedure. Following a healthy diet, and avoiding smoking and consuming alcohol is also recommended.

What to be cautious of after a Dermapen procedure
What to be cautious of after a Dermapen procedure

For maximum results, a quick recovery and to achieve a more revitalized complexion, a few points should be taken into consideration. These include:
Stay out of direct sunlight, refrain from using saunas and baths for the redness to ease.
Refrain from touching the treated area without washing your hands.

You should protect the skin from sunlight in the first 2-3 weeks after the procedure.
Skin care products and/or make-up products should not be applied within the first 24 hours after a dermapen procedure.

When can I start to see results after a Dermapen procedure?
When can I start to see results after a Dermapen procedure?

The results of a Dermapen application vary according to skin type. However, if the procedure is performed in a quality environment, and by experts teams, it is possible to see positive results from the first session. The expected effects can be seen a few weeks after the first session.

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