Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics – Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty

Genital Aesthetics – Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty

Genital aesthetics, vaginoplasty or labiaplasty are surgical procedures for the treatment of structural disorders in the genital area, either congenital or formed over time. A Labiaplasty procedure alters the size and shape of the inner lips or the inner lips of the vulva, while a Vaginoplasty helps to eliminate structural disorders such as vaginal canal formation, sagging, enlargement and numbness issues. 

Appearance in the genital area when different from normal, can cause a lack of self-confidence in women. This can also negatively impact women’s sexual lives, by increasing loss of sex drive, anxiety during sex and excessive discharge. Therefore this treatment is important to regain quality of life. Such conditions, be it aesthetic or functional, can occur after birth, during development and pregnancy. The anatomical structure in the genital area of some women may be underdeveloped or not developed at all, or have an asymmetrical structure in the genital area. Having awareness of these issues is about women getting to know their bodies.

Today with the advancement in medical treatments and medicine, aesthetic issues in the genital area can be resolved comfortably with non-surgical or surgical operations. The procedures are aimed to make women feel better and obtain a healthier sex life with their partners. Procedures may be performed by gynecologists, plastic surgeons who specialize in the anatomy of the vagina.


Who Is A Genital Aesthetics Procedure Suitable For?

Women who have concerns of deformities in the genital area, women who are experiencing problems in their sexual lives due to such issues, and women who have given birth and are concerned with the change after birth, may be suitable for a Genital aesthetic procedure. Women must be over the age of 18 for this procedure.

How Are Genital Aesthetic Surgeries Performed?

Genital aesthetic operations are generally not risky or difficult. Prior to the decided procedure an anesthesiologist will decide if the procedure will be performed under anesthesia or not. While area based anesthesia is preferred in some operations, sometimes it is decided to apply local anesthesia during a short sedation.

The operation procedure varies according to the type of aesthetic procedure required.  Depending on the genital problem, a vaginoplasty or labiaplasty operation is performed.


A Vaginoplasty procedure treats cases of congenitally underdeveloped vaginal canal or a short vaginal structure in order to help live a healthier sexual life. Vaginoplasty can be operated on in cases of sagging, enlargement and numbness in the vagina. 

Rather than an aesthetic procedure, a Vaginoplasty is a reconstruction procedure. Rhombus-shaped incisions are made on the back of the vagina to restore vaginal tightness and narrowing. The skin tissue in the incision is separated and removed and if there is muscle weakness, the muscles are tightened. The tissues are then stitched. The whole operation is complete in 1-1.5 hours.


A Labiaplasty procedure is the process of shortening and reducing the outwardly sagging parts of the labia minora, the inner folds. in addition to hygiene, this procedure also provides a sexually aesthetic appearance

The procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia. 

There are also several technique types of a labiaplasty procedure. At the first consultation the surgeon will decide on which technique is most suitable according to the internal structure of the tissue. Depending on the severity of the tissue sagging, the inner fold can be completely removed or shortened via small incisions made to the area of treatment. The patient’s request and the surgeon’s recommendation will be decided on together.

What Is Recovery Like After A Genital Aesthetic Surgery?

Patients can be discharged on the same day of the surgery. Sexual activity is not recommended for 6-8 weeks and the medication prescribed by the doctor to prevent and/or treat pain, infections and edema should be followed. 

Healing and recovery can be comfortable if the recommendations and advice from the doctor is followed. The healing process should be a painless, short, comfortable and stress-free period. 

Dissolvable threads are used for the stitches  in a genital aesthetic procedure, therefore there is no need to remove stitches later on. The healing process of each operation and patient varies, in general however, patients can recover within 1-2 weeks.

It’s also important to take antibiotics for a given period of time, without neglect to minimize the risk of infection. 

It is also recommended to avoid the sea, swimming pools and sauna during the recovery period. 

Regular check-ups should be maintained during the recovery period.

Advantages Of A Genital Aesthetic Procedure.

Patients who are unhappy with the aesthetic look of their genital area, may find a Genital aesthetic procedure a solution and, to also feel better about their sex life. A genital aesthetic procedure may also help to create healthier relationships by eliminating concerning factors of the genital area.

Genital Aesthetics FAQs

What are the risks of a genital aesthetic operation?
What are the risks of a genital aesthetic operation?

A genital aesthetic operation, like all surgeries, carries risks and difficulties.
Minimizing risks all comes down to how well the patient complies with the doctors recommendations of care during recovery.
Not being satisfied with the end result can be said to be the biggest risk.

How are patients coming from out of town assisted for the procedure?
How are patients coming from out of town assisted for the procedure?

Patients can undergo a pre-examination and be operated on, on the same day.
After the operation, the patient is allowed to travel after an hour in observation.

How many days after a genital aesthetic procedure can I return to work life?
How many days after a genital aesthetic procedure can I return to work life?

It is possible to return to work 3-4 days after the operation. After the check-ups, patients can return to their daily life routines.

Does a Genital aesthetic operation leave scarring?
Does a Genital aesthetic operation leave scarring?

During the operation on the vagina and lips, the mucous membrane is stitched and there are no scars. When performed by an experienced physician, with the correct technique and the use of proper stitching materials minimizes the risk of scarring.

Can the desired aesthetic outcome be achieved after the procedure?
Can the desired aesthetic outcome be achieved after the procedure?

Before the operation, the patient is informed in full details about the outcome of the procedure. These processes provide the desired appearance.

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