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What Is A Buttock Aesthetics?

What is a Buttock Aesthetics

Buttock aesthetics (Gluteoplasty) is a procedure used to improve the shape, contour and volume of the buttocks to provide a firm, voluminous and proportionally shaped buttocks. Buttock aesthetics encapsulates butt lift, butt augmentation and, butt reduction. Buttock aesthetics can be performed by taking fat tissue from the patient’s body via liposuction as well as the use of implants. Both these techniques can be used where required.

How Is Buttock Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Butt aesthetic surgery can be performed with implants or fat injection or a combination of both techniques.

  • Fat injection (Liposuction) method: This method involves taking fat from the back, abdomen and hip areas of the body, and transferred to the buttocks via an injection to give a more shaped butt. This leaves the areas of where the fat was taken, slimmer. This method is also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), and is a popular choice for patients who desire a more voluminous butt.
  • Implant fillers: Implants are selected according to the patient’s body shape at the examination performed by the physician. The implants are placed between the muscle and the tissue using the appropriate surgical technique. 

In cases where the amount of fat taken from the person is not enough, adipose and implants together can be used to achieve a more voluminous and round buttocks.

Who Is Suitable For A Butt Aesthetics Procedure?

Patients considering a butt aesthetics procedure must be over the age of 18, do not have any diseases or health concerns that may prevent surgery and general health conditions are suitable.

The procedure is generally suitable in the following cases;

  • Patients who are unhappy with the shape of the buttocks, asymmetrical or flat contours, lack of volume and tightness.
  • Sagging buttocks due to aging and weight fluctuations.
  • Patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their buttocks after pregnancy. 
  • Patients who are unhappy with the general shape due to genetic structures.
BBL brazilian butt lift

Butt Augmentation – BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Butt augmentation, also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, is a plastic surgery procedure that improves the size, shape and form of the buttocks. A Butt lift is performed with two different techniques, liposuction and implant.

In the liposuction method, the patient’s own fat is removed and transferred to the buttocks to give a natural and voluminous appearance. Within the first six months of the procedure, some of the fat cells that have been transferred will be excreted from the body. The doctor who will perform the aesthetic procedure should determine and advise the fat rate to be transferred by taking into account the amount of fat to be removed from the body. Patients must take this factor of the dissolving fat rate into consideration when discussing the treatment with the physician. 

With an implant method, synthetic silicone implants are surgically implanted in the buttock area to give the buttocks a more defined volume. For patients who do not have enough fat in their body, a Brazilian Butt Lift with implants is a more popular choice. In cases where it is seen appropriate by the physician, the procedure can be performed with a combination of liposuction (fat grafting) to achieve better results in some patients.

Buttocks Reduction

Buttocks Reduction

A Buttocks reduction is a surgical procedure to reduce the volume and create shape to the buttocks. Excessively large buttocks can cause low self esteem, with a buttocks reduction procedure, the size can be altered to a more proportionally fit size to the patient.

A buttocks reduction can be assumed as only an aesthetic procedure, however an excessively large buttocks can lead to pain in the legs, knees, back and cause difficulty moving.

Butt Lift

Butt Lift

Aging, weight fluctuation and genetic factors cause the skin to loosen, sag, make room for deformities and lose the overall tightness in the skin, these conditions can be seen on the buttocks as well as  other parts of the body.

A Butt lift or buttock lift is a cosmetic surgery performed to improve the appearance of the buttocks. A Butt lift can also be performed as part of abdominal, groin and thigh contouring procedures. Lifting alone does not add volume to the buttocks.

In some cases, a butt lift may be combined with a buttock augmentation procedure to change the shape or size of the buttocks with implants or fat injection. During a buttock lift, the buttocks are lifted by making an incision and pulling the excess skin underneath upward. Excess fat and skin is then removed from the buttocks. The remaining skin is then shaped to emphasize the appearance.

A Butt lift aesthetic surgery is suitable for ;

  • Weight loss and weight control has been stable for a long time 
  • Being overweight but unable to lose weight with sports and diet
  • Those who are of normal weight but want improve the look in the lower thighs

It can also be applied to patients who have maintained normal weight but have loose and sagging skin after liposuction and loss of skin elasticity due to aging.

Recovery Process After Butt Aesthetics

Recovery time after a Buttocks surgery  varies according to patient age, health status and physical condition. Patients can expect to return to normal routine after 7 days of recovery. For procedures where implants have been used, recovery can take 4-8 weeks. 

Postoperative bruising and swelling is normal and generally clears in about 2 weeks. If there is any pain, painkillers may be given by the physician. A corset will be given by the physician, and  should be used for the specified period. Sitting, lying, or sleeping on the backside should be avoided for at least 2 weeks after a Gluteal implant surgery and 8 weeks for a Brazilian But Surgery. 

Showering is allowed 48 hours after surgery and strenuous and tiring activities should be avoided. Patients can return to normal activities level in 6-8 weeks. The final result can be seen in about 3 months.

Advantages Of Buttocks Aesthetics

A Butt aesthetic surgery has several advantages. Firstly, the procedure works on the lower body lines, making them more curved. This allows the buttocks to look fuller and more upright. The procedure is also advantageous in patients with a more flattened buttocks, by giving a more voluminous aesthetic effect. Furthermore, fat taken during the injection phase can be used in other parts of the body where it is needed.

Buttocks Aesthetics FAQ’s

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift permanent?
Is a Brazilian Butt Lift permanent?

Some of the =injected fat tissue may dissolve within a time period of 1-1.5 years. The amount of fat tissue that is removed is determined by taking this situation into consideration. Patients must pay attention to following a healthy diet and avoid weight fluctuation in order for the results to have longevity and not deteriorate patients' figure.

How to get a Brazilian Butt Lift?
How to get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is performed with liposuction using excess fat from the buttocks, abdomen, waist or thighs. The use of implants is also another option.

Is there a change in the buttocks with weight gain and loss?
Is there a change in the buttocks with weight gain and loss?

After a buttocks surgery, the fat that is added to create volume will also affect the change in weight. Likewise, with losing weight, the volume in the buttocks will also decrease.

Is there pain after a buttocks aesthetics surgery?
Is there pain after a buttocks aesthetics surgery?

Pain after surgery is quite mild and can be cured with simple painkillers.

Is there scarring after a buttocks surgery?
Is there scarring after a buttocks surgery?

The channels opened for the operation are micro-level and the possibility of scarring is low.

Which anesthesia is butt aesthetics performed under?
Which anesthesia is butt aesthetics performed under?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

Can men also have butt aesthetics?
Can men also have butt aesthetics?

Men who are in good general health and are considered suitable after evaluation by the physician can have this procedure.

Does butt aesthetics eliminate cellulite?
Does butt aesthetics eliminate cellulite?

Cellulite in the area where the fat injection or implant is placed can be removed, however there is no change in the cellulite areas in the thighs and buttocks where the procedure is not performed.

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