Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty

What is a Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty?

What is a Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure to treat excess skin, excess fat, and saggy skin. This operation is the most effective method in the category of Body Lift aesthetics. 

After pregnancy, a bariatric surgery or the consistent fluctuation of weight gain and loss, the muscles and tissue around the abdomen cannot fully return to the previous form. 

Body deformations and sagginess in the  abdominal area create an unpleasant look aesthetically, and methods like diet and exercise alone that a patient can partake in, sometimes is not sufficient to regain the old form. With an abdominoplasty operation, the loose abdominal skin is corrected and the excess fat in this area is removed to help create the desired result.

The surgery can be performed on patients who are in good health, who have not undergone previous major surgeries in the abdominal area and if the surgery is considered suitable by the doctor. 

How Is A Tummy Tuck Operation Performed

How Is A Tummy Tuck Operation Performed?

Tummy tuck surgery is a procedure where the sagging skin from the lower abdomen to belly button is removed. The remaining skin is then stretched downward and a new belly button is positioned. The loosened abdominal muscles are tightened and restored to their previous form. The last stage involves the stitching where an aesthetic stitching method is used to prevent the formation of scars. Abdominal sagging, looseness and skin issues as a result of weight gain and loss and pregnancy, can be cured with this procedure. Furthermore, if excess fat is also present with loose skin, the excess fat in the abdominal area is removed via liposuction. 

How Long Does A Tummy Tuck Surgery Take?

The duration of the operation varies according to the size of the area to be treated. A full tummy tuck surgery takes approximately 3.5 hours. A mini tummy tuck, the name given to cases where the sagging and overall issues are not extensive, can take approximately 1.5 hours. The size of the abdominal area, the need for liposuction and the condition of the abdominal muscles are among the factors that affect the duration of the operation.

What Is The Recovery Of An Abdominoplasty Procedure Like?

After abdominoplasty surgery, the patient is usually discharged from the hospital within 1-2 days. A corset will be given after the procedure  to support the area of treatment  to achieve the desired form. The patient must use this corset for a period specified by the doctor (minimum 2 months). Right after the procedure, the patient can walk for approximately 3-4 hours assisted, and unassisted the day after the surgery. Patients can bathe 2-3 days after the operation. 

As the stitched area will be sensitive for the first week, extra care should be taken with sudden movements such as coughing, sneezing and pressure. Forceful movements should be avoided and sports and exercise should be avoided for a while. It’s important to drink plenty of water, and take the medication prescribed by the doctor. 

Depending on the size of the treated area, the patient can return to routine life within 7-10 weeks after a full tummy tuck surgery, and within 5 days for a mini tummy tuck surgery.

Pregnancy After A Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty does not affect pregnancy. Planned pregnancies should consider the healing time after the operation. Generally, pregnancy is recommended 1 year after this type of operation.

How Long After Birth Can An Abdominoplasty Surgery Be Performed?

Firstly, after the pregnancy the body will need to recover. The weight gained during pregnancy, hormonal changes, and the effects of stress on the body are important factors in determining the degree of stretch marks and sagging. Doctors advise that it can be 1 year. It’s also not wise to request a tummy tuck from the doctor at the time of a cesarean. 

Mini Tummy Tuck

A Mini tummy tuck surgery is performed via a small incision above the bikini line. The abdominal muscles are tightened by removing less skin and the body is shaped by removing the appropriate amount of fat from the abdomen with Vaser Liposuction. The operation time is approximately 1.5 hours. Patients can expect to return to daily life 5 days after the operation.

Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty FAQ’s

Will there be a scar left after a tummy tuck surgery?
Will there be a scar left after a tummy tuck surgery?

The incision is mended with aesthetic stitches and is usually below the bikini line so that it is not visible from the outside.

When do the stitches heal after a tummy tuck surgery?
When do the stitches heal after a tummy tuck surgery?

In full tummy tuck surgery, stitches are removed within 7-14 days, and can take approximately 2-3 months for the stitched area to heal.

How long is the corset used after a tummy tuck surgery?
How long is the corset used after a tummy tuck surgery?

5 weeks. It is important to use the corset which supports the operated area to regain its form.

When can I take a bath after a tummy tuck surgery?
When can I take a bath after a tummy tuck surgery?

On the 3rd day after the surgery, the patient can take a bath after the drainage tubes are removed.

When does the swelling disappear after a tummy tuck?
When does the swelling disappear after a tummy tuck?

The swelling goes down after about 2 months. Approximately 70% of the postoperative edema is eliminated from the body within the first 2 months. The remaining mild swelling disappears completely within a year.

How should I sleep after tummy tuck surgery?
How should I sleep after tummy tuck surgery?

Due to the tension in the abdominal area after the surgery, it is recommended to lie on the side with the legs slightly pulled to the abdomen area.

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