What is Stomach Botox?

What is Stomach Botox

Gastric Botox is a treatment to assist weight loss by injecting botulinum toxin into the specified areas of the stomach via an endoscopic procedure. Poor diet, overeating, no exercise or sports or genetic reasons can cause fat accumulation in the body, and if this exceeds normal amounts, it leads to becoming overweight. With a gastric botox treatment, the contractions of the stomach muscles are limited and the emptying time of the stomach is delayed. This method creates a loss of appetite in the patient, thus, losing weight by consuming less food. However, it is very important that the patient follows better eating habits and includes exercise in their daily life after the operation. 

Gastric Botox is a commonly preferred method for weight loss which does not require surgery.. No incisions are made on any part of the body during the procedure. Using endoscopic procedures, injections are made into the areas to be treated in the stomach through the mouth. There have been no side effects that have been reported. Patients can return to routine life after the procedure as it is extremely short.

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Who Is A Stomach Botox Operation Suitable For?

A stomach botox procedure can basically be applied to anyone who wishes to lose weight. Although a non-surgical procedure, the patient’s health and condition will determine whether or not the patient is suitable for the procedure or not.

The procedure is not recommended for patients with a body mass index over 40 and who may be considered for treatment via an operation. 

This method is only applied to patients who are overweight but not obese enough to undergo surgery.

For stomach botox, the patient must be over 16 years of age. Furthermore, the patient should not be allergic to botulinum toxin or have muscle nerve disease. 

Tests and examinations are required, and the results will determine the suitability of the patient. Patients with diseases such as ulcers or gastritis in the stomach must complete the treatment / medications prior to a gastric botox application. Once the ulcer and gastritis diseases are completely cured stomach botox can be applied.

How Is A Stomach Botox Operation Performed?

A stomach botox procedure does not require general anesthetics as no pain is experienced during and after the treatment. The amount to be applied is decided in accordance with the tests and examination results performed before the procedure. Botulinum toxin is injected into the areas of the stomach to be treated with endoscopic methods by entering via the mouth. This process delays the digestion process by limiting the contraction of the stomach. The application time of the procedure is approximately 20 minutes. After the procedure is completed, the patient is discharged after 1-2 hours of observation.

What To Be Cautious Of Before And After Treatment

Approximately a week before the procedure, gastroprotective medication can be used. Food and drink should not be consumed for 6 hours before the operation. 

Eating and drinking can be continued after the application, however the consumption of caffeine-containing foods such as coffee is not recommended for 3 days. Coffee can then be enjoyed at a minimum. 

Patients should pay attention to nutrition in order to lose weight during the following period. Foods small in volume and high calories should be avoided. In addition, acidic drinks, sweet syrups and packaged foods should be reduced as much as possible. Alcohol consumption should be minimized or avoided altogether.

There is no restriction for physical activities.

After a gastric botox procedure, specialist recommendations should be followed and a nutrition plan should be created with the help of a dietician. If all the instructions of the specialist are followed, the patient can lose more weight within 6 months and reach their goal weight.

Advantages Of Gastric Botox

This treatment offers many advantages including the following:

  • Weight that cannot be lost through diet and exercise can be lost effectively.
  • As it is a method based on reducing appetite, the weight loss process proceeds in a natural course.
  • Side effects and problems that come with being overweight start to gradually disappear.
  • Like the gastric balloon, this application is not a surgical procedure. Therefore, no pain is felt during or after the procedure.
  • No incision is made anywhere in the body.
  • It does not require any preparation other than fasting for 6 hours before the procedure and using gastroprotective medication.
  • It’s possible to lose up to 8 kilograms within 3 weeks after the procedure.
  • A repeat operation can be performed 6 months after the operation.
  • The patient can return to daily life within 2 hours after the 20-minute operation.
  • The operation has no risk.

Stomach Botox FAQ's

Is gastric botox operation definitive?
Is gastric botox operation definitive?

Gastric Botox or other similar operations do not have a 100% effect on weight loss. This operation only prolongs the digestion time of the stomach and helps to feel the feeling of satiety for longer. This will prevent the need to take in more calories, which will lead to weight loss over time.
In order for gastric botox to be successful, a nutrition program should be created with a dietician. It is possible to reach the targeted weight by following this program and exercising regularly. It should not be forgotten that gastric botox is an auxiliary application in weight loss and will not be sufficient alone.

How long does a gastric botox operation last?
How long does a gastric botox operation last?

Gastric Botox operation takes an average of 20 minutes. This time may vary depending on the patient's condition. Considering the preoperative preparation and postoperative observation period, the patient is discharged in approximately 2 hours.

Is there an age limit for gastric botox operation?
Is there an age limit for gastric botox operation?

People who want to get rid of their excess weight with gastric botox should be between the ages of 16 and 65. Unfortunately, patients who do not meet the age requirement cannot benefit from this treatment method. However, with the completion of 16 years of age, the patient can easily receive this treatment.

Is gastric botox surgery performed on pregnant women?
Is gastric botox surgery performed on pregnant women?

Gastric Botox is not a recommended treatment method for pregnant women. Experts do not recommend stomach botox, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, as there have not been enough studies in this field. Pregnant women should wait until the end of pregnancy to undergo gastric botox.

Is there a weight limit for gastric botox operation?
Is there a weight limit for gastric botox operation?

Gastric Botox operation is recommended for patients with a body mass index between 25 and 40. Patients with a body mass index of more than 40 should get rid of their excess weight with surgical methods. In addition, considering the gastric botox operations performed to date, it can be said that this method is much more successful in patients between the ages of 18 and 30 and whose body mass index does not exceed 20.

Does Botox cause bloating due to lazy bowel?
Does Botox cause bloating due to lazy bowel?

The application is aimed at the smooth muscles of the stomach, it has no effect on the intestines. After the procedure, a smooth treatment process is passed by acting in accordance with the diet program recommended by the dietician.

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