What is Anti Aging?

Anti Aging treatments

Anti Aging treatments are methods aimed to slow down the process of aging and give skin a younger and more enhanced quality and overall appearance. 

Skin quality is directly affected by environmental and lifestyle factors. In time the skin loses its brightness and elasticity and signs of aging begin to appear. Factors that can accelerate aging include free radicals, exposure to high amounts of UV rays, decreased hormone secretion with aging, no exercise, stress and smoking. 

Our skin is the organ that shows the signs of aging the most, new developments in technology and emerging skin care treatments are now allowing for the aging process to slow down.  Anti aging applications also increase the rate of renewed cells in the body resulting in a younger and brighter appearance.

People in their late 20’s should already have a regular skin care routine as the importance of anti aging skincare increases especially at the age of 30 plus, when the signs of aging begin to appear.

How is Anti Aging treatment performed?

How is Anti Aging treatment performed?

An anti aging treatment is a method that slows down the aging process of the skin. 

Prior to the treatment, certain tests are required to detect any skincare problems. The tests required may include a health examination, blood and hormone test

During the treatment, a patient’s vitamins, minerals and cholesterol levels are also checked to assess nutrition and the possible introduction of a balanced diet. A balanced diet and better choices of nutrition affect not only quality of life, but the effectiveness of the treatment too.

What Anti Aging treatments are available?

The aim of all anti aging treatments is to deliver a more youthful and vibrant physical appearance. Skin rejuvenation combined with other treatments help to achieve much younger looking skin and complexion.

The most common methods of skin rejuvenation are fillers and mesotherapy. The primary aim of these techniques is to strengthen skin tissue. Fillers are injected deep into the problem areas of the skin to enhance vitality and natural youth. 

Over time as anatomical lines appear on the face with aging, it starts to settle deep into the skin, adding volume and fillers can help eliminate the look of lines. This technique is also used for lip enhancements and eyebrow lifting to provide a more natural look.

The most commonly known anti aging application, Botox, is also an alternative treatment for anti aging.

Stem cell therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment also used to delay the signs of aging.

In recent times, a Youth Vaccine known as the H100 vaccine, is another anti aging treatment. Made up of primarily hyaluronic acid and various vitamins, it is aimed to combat moisture loss, dull appearance, loss of elasticity, lined and wrinkles, and help to thicken the skin surface making the skin look younger and more vibrant. The number of sessions required is determined by evaluating and assessing the skin.

The Salmon DNA

The Salmon DNA vaccine is a cell-refreshing vaccine. The fish extracts, more commonly the milk and sperm, triggers the collagen and fiber structure in the skin, providing a firm, bright and vibrant appearance.

Spider Web

Spider Web treatment is a non-surgical lifting method to remove the visible signs of aging and sagging of the skin using special yarns to give the skin a youthful appearance. 

Micro-Needling or Skin Needling

Micro-Needling or Skin Needling is a method where the skin is punctured by small needles – the damage helps the cells to rejuvenate and regenerate new skin. 

Aims of Anti Aging Treatments

Cell renewal starts to slow down just before the age of 25, and skin concerns begin to emerge around the age of 30. The treatment that will help improve the quality of skin should be considered around this time.

Anti aging treatments are a combination of both lifestyle choices and treatments. The first step to any anti aging treatment is to evaluate your diet and lifestyle. Following a healthy diet and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle can essentially slow down cellular aging. When considering treatment, reaching out to a certified physician will help evaluate the right treatment for you. 

Anti-Aging FAQ’s

At what age can anti-aging treatments be applied?
At what age can anti-aging treatments be applied?

Anti-aging treatments should start with a healthy and balanced diet. As there are no age restrictions, overall skin quality is the determining factor when considering treatment. Its best advised to seek assistance at around 25.

Are Anti-aging treatments painful?
Are Anti-aging treatments painful?

Anti-aging treatments do not cause extreme pain and patients can easily return to daily life.

Can anti-aging treatments be repeated?
Can anti-aging treatments be repeated?

Some anti-aging treatments may require follow up sessions, however a patient can expect to see results after initial treatments. Results may differ from patient to patient.

Who can benefit from anti-aging applications?
Who can benefit from anti-aging applications?

Men and women who want to delay the signs of aging and minimize skin damage can seek anti-aging assistance.

Does the salmon DNA vaccine treatment have permanent results?
Does the salmon DNA vaccine treatment have permanent results?

The salmon DNA vaccine is one of the treatments that require the most repeated sessions. Its advised that patients who undergo this treatment, repeat the sessions once a year to achieve optimal results.

How is the youth vaccine different from fillers?
How is the youth vaccine different from fillers?

When injected, the youth vaccine targets a larger area on the skin, whereas fillers are injected into a specific spot. The youth vaccine also contains more active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins, to reveal a more vibrant, firm and younger looking skin. Fillers work by injecting hyaluronic acid as a means of volume in the areas of the skin that require plumbing.

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