What Is A Lip lift?

Lip Lift

A Lip lift procedure is as the name suggests, a minimally invasive surgical procedure that promotes fuller and younger looking lips by surgically narrowing the area between the nose and the upper lip, called the philtrum ridge. 

The space between the nose and the upper lip varies according to the facial shape and structure of individuals, thus the aim of this procedure is to show a narrower philtrum ridge. Although this can be achieved by different contouring and makeup techniques and lip fillers to the upper lip, these techniques are not as effective and only temporary. A lip lift eliminates the need for injectables and fillers and provides a more prominent, fuller, thicker looking set of lips. 

As a long-term and effective operation, a lip lift procedure also assists in the decrease of volume and fullness in the lips that is a result of aging. The procedure is performed under extremely comfortable conditions to help achieve that perfect smile.

Who Is A Lip lift Suitable For?

Who Is The Procedure Suitable For?

A lip lift is suitable for men and women  who are unhappy with the size, fullness and shape of their lips and the size of the philtrum ridge. It is also an ideal treatment for those who have regular lip fillers and like larger looking lips looking for a permanent solution. 

Due to aging, sagging starts to occur especially on the face. Patients who undergo this surgery before 35 may need follow up treatments later down the track. This treatment may also be confused to be the same or equivalent to a normal lip filler however it’s important to note that this procedure is completely different. 

A Lip lift is a procedure that may be an option as it is a permanent operation. Those who undergo this treatment do not need much renewal afterwards. With aging comes sagging of the skin, the rate of the visible signs of aging depends on an individual’s aging process. Individuals who undergo this procedure before the age of 35 may need similar procedures done again later in life. Lip lift is not applied as an alternative to a simple lip augmentation. It is useful to state that this perception is wrong, especially among young people.

How To Perform Lip Lift?

The procedure is a very fast and simple procedure performed under local anesthesia. A small incision is made right under the nose where it meets the upper lip area. The skin that makes up the gap difference is removed. The skin is then joined together and stitched carefully in layers. In order to protect the new lip shape and provide added support, it is vital that the stitches are placed under the skin with as little to no signs of the stitches. 

After the procedure, two different peaks on the upper lip are reshaped. The distance between the base of the nose and the upper part of the lips becomes prominent again. As stated by aesthetic experts, the ideal size of the length in this part is 12-15 mm. For added fullness, lip fillers can also be injected. The amount of skin can be removed as much as needed, making the procedure adjustable without any concern. The procedure won’t take any longer than an hour, and can be applied under local anesthetic. Dressings is applied for one day, and the application of ointment should be enough thereafter.

Post Procedure Recovery Period

After the procedure, patients can expect to experience edema and swelling that can last 72 hours. This will start to ease and a cold pack can be used to rid off any pain. Mild pain may also be experienced where the physician will prescribe mild painkillers to help with the discomfort. The stitches placed under the nose are removed after five days post operation and general recovery shouldn’t take longer than 7 days. Scarring starts to quickly diminish within a few weeks, however it can take up to a full year for a full recovery and invisible scars. Results may vary from person to person and on the quality of the operation. 

What Are The Types Of A Lip Lift Treatment?

A Lip lift procedure comprises four different techniques that are suitable for different reasons and purposes. These include:

  • Italian Lip Lift: The process of removing excess skin on the back of the philtrum ridge via a small incision under the nostrils.
  • Bullhorn Lip Lift: It is one of the common procedures. The lips are made to grow volumetrically and look fuller.
  • Direct Lip Lift: Also known as Gullwing lip lift targets lip edge creating a more defined lip border. As lips flatten significantly with age, a direct lip lift also helps to accentuate a more pronounced vermilion (the pink part of the lips).
  • Corner Lip Lift: Also called a Grin lift, helps to give the face a smiling appearance. The method involves making incisions on both corners of the mouth and removing a small amount of skin.

Benefits Of A Lip Lift

The advantages of the process can be listed as follows;

  • It’s a permanent procedure without any maintenance required, therefore economically advantageous. 
  • The procedure allows for a more voluminous and plump appearance.
  • Enhances the teeth and overall smile.
  • Removes wrinkles and visible signs of aging around the lips. 
  • Promotes a younger, more dynamic appearance.

Lip lift FAQ’s

Will there be any restrictions in lip movement after the surgery?
Will there be any restrictions in lip movement after the surgery?

Except for the first two days post operation, the lips should return to normal without any limitations in movement.

Will there be any scars after a lip lift?
Will there be any scars after a lip lift?

As a lip lift is a surgical operation, there is still a slight risk of scarring based on factors like age and tissue quality. The base of the nose is one of the areas where the stitches are placed therefore scars are hidden. A pinkish scar will be seen shortly after the surgery, however this will gradually lighten to a color lighter than the skin within 3-6 months.

Can a lip lift be combined with a facelift operation?
Can a lip lift be combined with a facelift operation?

Yes. A lip lift can be performed together with a facelift operation as it does not pose any risks or harm. It can also be performed with a rhinoplasty operation (nose surgery).

Is lip lift permanent?
Is lip lift permanent?

Since a lip lift is a surgical procedure, yes it is permanent.

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