Hand And Feet Treatment

What is Hand and Feet Care?

Hand and Feet Care

Caring for hands and feet is a self care routine that should never be neglected. Effects like aging, poor nutrition, external factors, and changing seasons are the main causes of hand and feet tissue damage that causes deformations.

Our hands are in direct contact with everything throughout the day including dirt, chemicals, objects, even air and temperature have negative effects on the skin on our hands. And feet, on the other hand, are for the majority of the day closed with no air. 

If personal hygiene and care is not taken, irritations and various skin problems like the below can occur:

  • Fungus
  • Callus
  • Wrinkles
  • Cracks
  • Ingrown nails
Hand Care

The Importance Of Hands And Feet Care

Our hands and feet are the areas that are most exposed to external factors, that is why extra emphasis should be taken to care for the skin. 

Skin conditions of the hand and feet are visible conditions therefore can be treated immediately. A hand and feet care routine will help prevent such skin issues and conditions.

Our hands especially are always bare to air and changing temperatures. Cold air can irritate skin and dry the hand tissue causing extreme dryness. Topical treatments like moisturizing hand creams may not be enough to replenish the dryness. Therefore,  alternative treatments are required. Hand care is also more aesthetically pleasing when cared for.

Feet have minimal contact with air and carry the weight of individuals. Therefore, if the recommended care is not given, an increase in skin problems,ailments and structural disorders can occur. 
Any discomfort in the feet can be a result of different disorders in the metabolism and really reduce quality of life. For this reason, hand and foot care, like medical skin care, is one that should not be ignored for health reasons.

Medical Hand And Feet Care

The most basic way of hand and feet care is to keep them clean and hygienic. As skin is prone to dryness, regular use of hand and foot creams will prevent extreme dryness and cracking of the skin. There are also medical hand and feet care options performed by professionals. This includes sterile nail cutting and proper shaping, treatment of deformed skin, and the polishing and cleaning of nails using special devices. This is beneficial for both health reasons as well as aesthetic purposes. 

Medical Foot Care

Medical foot care is a treatment needed for feet that have developed skin conditions as a result of poor shoe choice, improper nail cutting, fungus and lack of foot care. Such procedures will generally take place in a hygienic environment or clinic where surgical tools may be used. Patients shouldn’t feel pain or discomfort. It is recommended to apply this treatment  routinely to gain a natural and healthy appearance of the feet for a longer time.

Nail Cutting In Hand And Foot Care

Genetics play a huge role in the different types of skin on the hands and feet. The difference also requires special attention to nail care on the hands and feet. People with hard nails are recommended to cut their nails after showering. This is because hot water softens the hands and nail bed, reduces the risk of damage and makes it easier to shape.. If nails are cut when dry, it is highly likely that the nail will see damage.

Ingrown Nail

An Ingrown nail is a common condition of the big toe. A lack of a hand and foot care cleaning routine is the result of this condition. This condition can be caused by incorrect shoe choice, poor shoe sizing and ill nail cutting. To prevent ingrown nails from occurring, nails should not be cut too short that reaches the nail bed, should not leave the corner tips of the nails steep and pointed, should not cut the nails in a half-moon shape and avoid wearing shoes with pointed toes, narrow and high heels as this damages the nail structure and increases the risk of ingrown nails.

People who are exposed to ingrown nails should keep the nail sterile and clean to prevent inflammation until the time of treatment. An ingrown nail treatment is performed by practitioners generally with little to no pain. The ingrown part of the nail is treated, followed by filing to prevent it from becoming ingrown again.

Foot Fungus

Also known as Athlete’s foot, is a fungal infection that can affect one or both feet at the same time. If not taken care of, it can cause deformation and inflammation in the skin of the feet, and also reach the nails. To prevent the condition, excess sweating of the feet and leaving feet wet should be avoided. If feet are left wet the risk of getting fungus increases. Therefore, it is necessary to dry them between the toes immediately after getting out of the shower. 

Athlete’s foot can also be contagious, so socks should be changed frequently, and shoes should be alternated. Treatment of an athlete’s foot can be done in different ways by practitioners.. Sprays, ointments and oral pills are part of the treatment.

Cracked Heels

Cracked heels occur by a lack of moisturizing and adding pressure to the feet. Excess weight can also be the cause as great pressure is forced on the sole of the foot. As a result of this pressure, hardening or cracking occurs on the heel of the foot. A cracked heel treatment involves thinning the damaged skin to eliminate cracks and restore the elasticity and natural appearance of the skin. Comfortable shoes are recommended after treatment. To prevent cracked heels, the foot should be moisturized frequently, plenty of water should be consumed and weight should be controlled.

Hand and Feet Care FAQ’s

Are moisturizing creams enough for hand and feet care?
Are moisturizing creams enough for hand and feet care?

Using moisturizers frequently is a top choice for hand and foot care. If a suitable moisturizer for the skin condition is used, skin of the hand and feet protected against potential risks. However, hand and foot care does not only consist of moisturizing creams.

Is it right to cut cuticles during nail care?
Is it right to cut cuticles during nail care?

Cuticles should not be cut when cutting nails. The cut makes the cuticle grow harder and faster over time. Cuticles should be pushed out towards the edges instead.

When should a hand and foot care session be done?
When should a hand and foot care session be done?

A hand and foot care treatment is recommended after a hot shower as the skin softens. Care for soft skin is more effective. After moisturizing hands and feet, it's best to not be in direct contact with anything, therefore care before bed is the more smart and effective option.

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