What is a Jawline Filler?

What is a Jawline Filler

Jawline Filler is an aesthetic procedure that creates a prominent more chiseled jawline appearance. The procedure is performed in a single session and the results can last for years. 

The common feature of people interested in a jawline filler treatment is that they have round facial features and their jaw lines are not prominent enough.

A jawline filler is one of the most popular and preferred treatments there are today in the field of aesthetics. Due to this, it is an effective approach to encourage people who are undecided, to have it done with peace of mind. The most important reason why the treatment is so popular is that it defines the facial features, while at the same time, providing a more elegant and slender appearance. In addition from the moment the treatment is done, it gives a noticeably physically strong appearance. 

Facial features and characteristics for a jawline filler may include the following:

  • Oval shaped and weak looking facial appearance
  • Long and weak jawline
  • Very wide, square shaped jaw line
  • Age-related sagging in the chin area

After a jawline filler, the complete opposite to the above is achieved. More prominent, full and defined facial appearance is achieved.

Who Is A Jawline Filler Suitable For

Who Is A Jawline Filler Suitable For?

Jawline filler is generally suitable for anyone who feels they require it. In some cases however, it is not recommended by the physician. For example, the hyaluronic acid contained in the Jawline filler may cause allergic reactions in some patients. In order to avoid such situations, individuals should consult their physicians beforehand to check for any issues. Furthermore, some tests may be requested from the patients to prevent any future issues. With these in mind, a jawline filler may be suitable for anyone who wants to emphasize their jawlines, highlight their facial features and create a stronger, chiseled appearance.

How Is A Jawline Filler Performed?

A Jawline treatment is basically a filler procedure. The hyaluronic acid filler is applied individually via an injection. Before the injection is performed, anesthetic cream is applied on the area to be treated. Once the numbness has taken effect, the injection can be applied. The main area to be treated is primarily the tip of the chin. 

Other parts of the jawline may also be treated depending on the needs and desires of the patient. The Jawline procedure takes approximately half an hour to complete. Patients can achieve the desired jawline and face definition in just 30 minutes.

Recovery Process After A Jawline Filler

After a jawline filler, there are a few points that patients must pay attention to. Firstly, some swelling may occur in the treated area for a few weeks after the treatment. This is quite normal – after a few weeks the swelling and hardness will be replaced by a soft and distinctive texture. It can take approximately 3 weeks for the jawline to take its final form. 

After the treatment, ice packs can be used to settle minor bruising and swelling on the face.

The physician may also recommend creams which should be applied to areas of swelling and stiffness with light touches during the healing process. This should control the swelling and ease any pain. Patients are recommended to consume plenty of water to increase the longevity of the filler during the healing process.

Advantages Of A Jawline Filler

A Jawline filler comes with many advantages. Firstly, this procedure is  applied to patients who require it. It can be applied to men and women and has successful outcomes.

In terms of these situations and according to data obtained after the treatment, the aesthetic advantages of having a jawline filler are as follows;

  • It prevents sagging and jowl formation under the chin,
  • Eliminates age-related wrinkles in the jaw line area,
  • Balances the disproportionate appearance in the chin area,
  • Provides an aesthetic appearance, by giving the face a V shape,
  • Since the treatment is mainly applied to the tip of the chin, the chin tip has a prominent appearance,
  • After the procedure, the chin area is completely changed as desired

If the problem is that the tip of the chin is too pointed, the tip of the chin can be rounded accordingly.

Jawline Filler FAQ’s

Does a Jawline work in a single session?
Does a Jawline work in a single session?

A Jawline application is a one-time procedure applied to the area in need. A single session can provide long lasting results. The procedure can be repeated according to the duration of the effect.

How long does the Jawline results last?
How long does the Jawline results last?

A Jawline procedure can be applied to men and women and carry the same level of effect. It is not completely permanent, but the results do stay for a long time without losing its effect.
If the Jawline treatment is performed with hyaluronic acid, the results can last from 6-12 months. If the injection is performed by obtaining the filler from autologous fat, which is, from the fat taken from the person himself, it can last up to 2 years. This period varies according to tissue structures and skin types of the patient.

Does a Jawline filler make you look younger?
Does a Jawline filler make you look younger?

A Jawline treatment has many advantages and positive sides. By reshaping and giving definition to the jawline, it can make a person look younger. Although the procedure does not directly make the skin look younger, the reconstruction of the jawline area adds to a more rejuvenated appearance.

Is a jawline filler dangerous?
Is a jawline filler dangerous?

A Jawline filler is a harmless aesthetic treatment. Mild redness, swelling and bruising may occur in the treated area after the application, however this is normal.

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