What are Lip Fillers?

Lip Filler

Lip Fillers procedure is an aesthetic procedure to not only enlarge the lips, but to also give the lips a symmetrical shape, definition, and create a more vibrant moist looking appearance. The treatment is applied in a clinic by a practitioner. 

Lip fillers are popular amongst individuals with thinner lips, who lack definition, volume, symmetry, and contour around the lips. The non-permanent treatment of hyaluronic acid containing fillers allow for quick lip enhancements that show results immediately. Since the filling material is non-synthetic, it does not cause any harm to the body. There are various fillers that can be applied to the lips and around the mouth, however the most common fillers used today are those containing hyaluronic acid.

Repeated treatments specified intervals prolong the duration of the filler effect. 

As the change is visible immediately after the procedure, patients are asked to be prepared to see the drastic change. Some  patients may find it a little disturbing if the results are not what they expected – or if a ‘duck lip’ result has occurred.

The most common fillers used are the ones that contain hyaluronic acid. This procedure is applied not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for the treatment of asymmetrical lip shapes that are insufficient in volume.

It is also important to be ready, psychologically before an application. The result of lip augmentation may be quite disturbing for some. An example of this is a duck lip result, which is likely for the patient to be uncomfortable with the result.

Who Are Lip fillers Suitable For?

Who Are Lip fillers Suitable For?

Overtime and with aging lips start to lose collagen and elastin resulting in thinning of the lips. 

Lip fillers are suitable for those who have thinner lips, lost volume in the lips with age, who have symmetrical concerns and those who desire more definition and shape.

Filler injections are also used to fill deep lines and wrinkles around the mouth with natural folds and replace lost volume for mature and younger patients.

How Is Lip Filler Aesthetics Performed?

At the beginning of the consultation / treatment, the practitioner and patient will discuss the desired outcome of the filler.

As the lip area is quite sensitive, an anesthetic cream will be applied for numbness. After 15-20 when the cream has shown its effect, the filler is applied using a fine tipped injector. Depending on patients’ desires of lip length and thickness, between 1-4 mm is injected. In some cases, the practitioner will start with 1 mm and continue with more afterwards. How voluminous the lips will be depends on the amount of filler applied.The whole procedure shouldnt take longer than 10 minutes and patients can expect to return to daily routine immediately, except if there are any unforeseen circumstances. 

Patients must wait for the anesthetic to completely wear off before consuming food and beverages. This is to avoid accidental lip and tongue biting. There is also no need for any bandages after a lip filler. 

Recovery Process After A Lip Filler

An ice pack should be used for 24 hours after a lip filler treatment and food and drinks should be avoided for at least two hours. Healing experience and periods may differ depending on patient age and tissue structure. Tissue Structure directly affects the amount of bruising and swelling. Patients can expect to see the final results after 7-10 days after the procedure, as the lip structure takes its final shape.

Advantages Of Lip Fillers

There are many advantages of a lip filler procedure. Aesthetically, the treatment enables fuller looking lips with enhanced volume and moisture.

Lip fillers are also great as it prevents future sagging. Since the hyaluronic acid ratio of the skin increases with this procedure, the skin has a young and bright appearance as a result. 

It has been noted that individuals who are unhappy with the shape and size aof their lip lack confidence and struggle to express themselves comfortably. Lip fillers help to boost confidence and lift moods.

Patients normally opt for a more natural looking result. The lip structure, make-up style, lip to nose ratio and chin shape are the determining factors in the amount of filling used. A great result is when the filler is applied proportionally against the facial structure and facial features. 
The aim of a lip augmentation result is that it is performed in a way that does not attract too much attention. The purpose of a lip augmentation is to improve the appearance of a patient and enhance them as natural as possible.

Lip fillers FAQ’s

Are lip fillers safe?
Are lip fillers safe?

Yes. Hyaluronic acid which makes the filler is completely safe. It is normal to have mild swelling, edema and bruising after the procedure however, these are temporary conditions.and will subside.

Are there any side effects of lip fillers?
Are there any side effects of lip fillers?

It is unlikely to experience side effects when applied by experienced practitioners. If applied by inexperienced people, undesirable results are likely to occur. Side effects like clotting and drooping of the lip may be the consequence of sloppy and careless procedures.

What are some of the reasons that make a Lip filler look fake?
What are some of the reasons that make a Lip filler look fake?

When a lip filler is done by an experienced aesthetician using the right techniques, a natural look is achieved.

If lips are extremely swollen after a treatment, then there is a possibility that more than what is necessary has been injected or into the wrong place of the lips.

The amount of filler requested by patients may also not be suitable for them, therefore the practitioner must determine the amount to achieve the most natural looking filler result.

Are lip fillers permanent?
Are lip fillers permanent?

No. Hyaluronic acid-based materials can last between 8-12 months.

The longevity of lip fillers vary according to factors such as age, lip structure, elasticity, and the quality and quantity of the injected filler material.

Factors such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, thyroid gland diseases, sauna and Turkish bath use, will limit the time the fillers will last.

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