What is a Neck Lift?

What is a Neck Lift

A Neck lift is a procedure for the treatment of fat buildup and sagging in the neck that is a result of weight or aging. The application involves stretching loose skin and muscle tissue in the neck. 

Where required, the procedure can be operated as a combination with a different treatment method such as a facelift, chin implant and eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty)

The important areas of focus in a neck lift the neck area starting from the jowl area under the chin, moving towards the neck. As fat deposits in these areas have a possibility of causing sagging in the future, they are operated on with a neck lift procedure. 

Wrinkles, lines and sagging due to aging are also removed with a neck lift procedure. I

Where required, fat removal, fat burning and filling procedures can also be applied in this application. The treatment provides a slimmer and flatter neck with a more aesthetic appeal. Fat accumulation on the nape and at the end of the nape is also removed with this method.

Who is a Neck Lift Suitable for?

A neck lift procedure may be an option for men and women who have sagging, excessive thickness and fat in the neck area.

These procedures may also be suitable for individuals with goiter problems, vocal cord problems, unidentified knots or clots, nodule problems and other problems in the neck, if approved by the physician. 

A Neck lift procedure is not suitable for patients with neck hernia and problems in the neck muscles. A detailed examination and analysis before the procedure is essential for correct treatment and for the operation to be successful.

How is a Neck Lift Performed?

Firstly, the patient’s condition and the number of sessions required for the treatment is discussed and decided by the physician.

This treatment can be performed in a single session or several sessions if seen necessary. The surgery takes approximately 4-5 hours. The operation starts by making an incision around the ear. After the incisions made in the anterior lower and posterior parts of the ears are connected, incisions are made on the top of the head and in the opposite direction towards the chin. Depending on the facial structure of the patient, the number of incisions required may increase or decrease. The procedure starts from the incisions and the skin is stretched and fixed via a suspension method. Excess fat can be removed if necessary and if it interferes with the stretching process. The procedure ends with the closure of the incisions. After the application, the patient is kept under observation for a day or two, and discharged after the tests and controls have been made.

Recovery Process After a Neck Lift

The healing process begins after a neck lift surgery. The patient is kept under observation for a day or two after the surgery to monitor the condition of the stitches, assess any reactions, and to ensure that the skin accepts the surgery. During this period, the patient’s stitches and the stretched skin are wrapped with bandages.

The bandages are removed after the period recommended by the physician, and the stitches are checked by the doctor to see if it’s in accordance with the planned schedule. 

It’s recommended to consume protein rich foods for the stitches and skin to recover quickly. A healthy and balanced diet, plenty of water and avoiding smoking and alcohol use are extremely important for the healing process.

During recovery extra care should be taken not to strain and/or hit the neck area. Heavy sports and activities should be avoided for a while. The quality of the patient’s skin is the most important factor when determining the recovery period. At the end of the process, a healthier, younger and tighter looking neck area is achieved.

Advantages of a Neck Lift

There are many advantages of a neck lift procedure. Firstly, the psychological effects are quite great as the neck area is one of the most striking areas when looking in the mirror. A neck lift helps to improve the appearance of the neck. Sagging, wrinkles and dullness due to old age are also corrected in the procedure. Therefore it’s a procedure that can be performed over a certain age to gain a more dynamic and younger looking appearance. 

Poor lifestyle choices and activities, unhealthy nutrition and poor exercises, rapid weight gain and loss can cause fat in the area and lead to a recurrence of the procedure.

Both the front of the neck and the nape of the neck are suitable areas for fat storage. 

With this surgery, future deterioration and sagging of the skin due to fat accumulation and aging are also prevented. 

Neck Lift FAQ’s

How long does it take to return to daily routine after a neck lift surgery?
How long does it take to return to daily routine after a neck lift surgery?

The period to return to normal routine after surgery varies based on the condition of the stitches, and the doctors advice on the continuation of the procedure.
On average, daily activities can be carried out after a few days, and after a few weeks, when the stitches have healed, patients can return to daily life.

Can a neck lift procedure be performed via an endoscopic method?
Can a neck lift procedure be performed via an endoscopic method?

An endoscopic method is usually a mid-face lift procedure. Therefore, the classic lift (full face lift) procedure is preferred for neck lift surgery.

Does a neck lift surgery remove a double chin?
Does a neck lift surgery remove a double chin?

A Neck lift also includes the jowl area. The aim is to remove the excess fat in the jowl area and to remove the sagging skin.

Is there any pain during a neck lift surgery?
Is there any pain during a neck lift surgery?

A Neck lift is a surgical procedure and the operation is performed under general anesthetic, so the patient does not feel any pain. After the surgery, painkillers prescribed by the physician should be used as directed.

Does neck lift surgery need to be repeated?
Does neck lift surgery need to be repeated?

A Neck lift surgery is a permanent procedure. However, although rare, weight gain or age may be reasons for the need of a repeated procedure in the future.

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