What is a Smile Design?

what is a smile design

A Smile Design also known as a Hollywood Smile, is an aesthetic treatment to shape the lip, teeth and jaw structure via various treatments. The procedure is undertaken by Orthodontics, one of the most important divisions of aesthetic dentistry. 

With this procedure, it is important that the smile design is not only aesthetic but also looks natural and blends in with facial features. Factors including age, gender, lip shape and the patient needs and desires are all taken into consideration while planning the design. 

Not only does the procedure provide the aesthetic needs of the patient and the perfect smile, but this procedure also treats damages to the teeth and gums. 

The treatment repairs and eliminates decays, tooth loss and gum diseases, conditions that may make a person hesitate to smile. 

The created result ensures that the teeth, gums and lips are fully proportional on the face. With the design, issues such as crooked teeth, gaps, misalignments and receding gums are eliminated. The following stages are carried out during a Hollywood smile treatment;

Implant treatment: Treatment to fill missing teeth.

Dental Veneers: Application made to give an aesthetic appearance.

Gum aesthetics: Treatment of gum disease and symmetrical issues.

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Who Is Suitable For A Smile Design?

A Smile design procedure is a holistic treatment where many individual procedures are carried out together. 

Men and women between the ages of 18-60 who do not have any health problems which can prevent the applications and women who are not pregnant and breastfeeding may be suitable for this procedure .

The aim is to provide the most outstanding smile, therefore along with teeth treatment some patients may also require treatment of the lips. 

Some factors that may be considered for a smile design are as follows:

  • Defining the smile line
  • Treatment of excessively long teeth
  • Orthodontic or bonding treatments
  • Periodontology treatments for gum recession or gum diseases 
  • Tooth discoloration 
  • Zirconium, emax, porcelain tooth coating applications
  • Treatment of crooked teeth
  • Endodontic and filling treatments for cavities, fracture, corroded teeth

How Is A Smile Design Procedure Performed?

A Hollywood Smile treatment consists of several stages. Firstly the patient’s needs and desires and the recommended treatments are discussed with the doctor at the initial consultation. The patient’s tooth measurements are then taken before a plan is put in place. Intraoral and facial photographs are also taken. The measurements made and the desired outcome of the patient are designed on the computer. Issues and problems that may arise during the design phase are eliminated. 

A silicone mold is made out of the personalized smile designed on the computer and placed on the patient’s teeth. After the patient’s approval, the treatment can begin. If there are problems such as cavities, cracks, fractures, missing, or shifting in the patient’s teeth, these conditions will be treated first. In some cases, teeth whitening may also be required before the aesthetic smile design. Dental implants and dental veneers are also included in the treatment. Dental veneers are made of porcelain and zirconium for people who desire whiter teeth.

Benefits Of A Smile Design

The benefits of smile design treatment are as follows;

  • Significant improvement in appearance and a self-confidence boost.
  • Elimination of dental problems and a healthier mouth and tooth structure
  • Tooth deficiencies, cracks, fractures and distortions are eliminated
  • The angle of the teeth is adjusted and jaw problems are eliminated
  • A healthy and aesthetic smile 
  • Eliminates bad breath caused by gums
  • Fracture, cracking and shifting problems are prevented.
  • The color of the teeth is whitened and staining and yellowing problems are prevented.

Hollywood Smile FAQs

Who is suitable for a smile design?
Who is suitable for a smile design?

Anyone over the age of 18 who does not have any health problems that may prevent the patient from having the treatment.

How long does a smile design procedure take?
How long does a smile design procedure take?

The procedure varies depending on the problems that exist on the patients teeth, the design, and the duration of their treatment. The most important point of the treatment is the patient’s satisfaction with the design. If the patient is happy, the treatment can be completed in one or several sessions.

Who performs the smile design?
Who performs the smile design?

An aesthetic smile design is performed by physicians who are experts in their field and use the latest technology.

Is a smile design procedure permanent?
Is a smile design procedure permanent?

Yes. This procedure provides a permanent smile design. No issues should be encountered if the physician's recommendations are followed. If the patient wants a new smile design, however, it can be changed.

Which teeth is a smile design applied to?
Which teeth is a smile design applied to?

The design is made on the patient's own natural teeth as much as possible. In cases where there are missing teeth, dental implants will be included.

What should be considered after a smile design?
What should be considered after a smile design?

After the treatment, oral and dental hygiene should be taken care of and routine medical check-ups should not be neglected.

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