What is Carbon Peeling?

What is Carbon Peeling

Carbon peeling is a skincare treatment with the main ingredient being activated carbon. This treatment plays a role in repairing skin damage, cleansing the skin from toxins and chemicals, triggering collagen, drying acne, oil imbalances, uneven skin tone and removing blemishes. Used in aesthetic clinics for many years, a carbon peeling treatment is popular among patients with skin care problems.

Charcoal powder is used in the application where it is activated with heat and then applied to the skin with the assistance of laser beams. The treatment helps to also repair acne and blackhead scars, sun spots and other problems on the face. 

Who Is A Carbon Peeling Treatment Suitable For

Who Is A Carbon Peeling Treatment Suitable For?

As with all medical skin treatments, carbon peeling should be applied to men and women over the age of 18. As puberty has not yet been finalized before this age, external treatments may disrupt the skin’s natural structure. For this reason, carbon peeling is more suitable for older patients. 

The treatment is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and those who use isothreonine containing acne medication.

A carbon peeling treatment is suitable for patients with unwanted conditions such as sun spots on the skin, age spots, dull looking skin, and acne and scarring. The treatment should be performed in the winter season and patients should not be exposed to sunlight and spotlights after the procedure. It is recommended that the procedure be performed by an expert physician.

How Is A Carbon Peeling Treatment Performed?

Firstly, the skin is thoroughly cleaned, then the already prepared solution containing activated carbon particles is applied as a thin layer to the entire area avoiding the eye area. After about 15 minutes of waiting time, and when the solution applied to the face has dried, it is cleaned with the Q Switch Nd Yag laser. The combination of activated carbon and the laser make the process strong and effective, and provide a visible change in appearance for patients. This treatment aims to correct uneven skin tone, tightening of the pores, and add a vibrant look to the skin. It’s a great procedure that can be applied once a year on problem-free skin, for overall skin health.

What Is Recovery Like After The Treatment?

A carbon peeling is not a surgical procedure – it is achieved via activated charcoal and laser, therefore there are no major points to pay attention to. For best results, it is advised to refrain from using foreign skin care and makeup on the face on the day of the application. Furthermore, keeping the skin away from water within the first 6 hours after peeling is an important point to be considered. 

Patients who wish for permanent results after the treatment should seek and prepare a safe and healthy skin care routine for themselves after the procedure.Information about products that are suitable for the different  skin types can be obtained from the specialist who performed the procedure. With regular care, it’s possible to see the effects of this procedure. 

Advantages Of A Carbon Peeling Treatment

The most important advantage of a carbon peeling, which is one of the most preferred skin care methods available today, is that it provides the desired result quickly.

The treatment which is applied with laser and activated charcoal powder also has other advantages including:

  • Visibly reduces spots caused by aging and the sun.
  • It helps to eliminate blackheads, whiteheads and acne on the skin.
  • Cleanses not only the imperfections on the skin, but also oil and dirt accumulated in the lower layers of the skin.
  • Helps to achieve a much brighter and vibrant skin appearance by removing dead cells accumulated on the skin.

A Carbon peeling treatment that has these and similar advantages, is successfully performed in many clinics. In order to gain these advantages and achieve maximum results, it is important that the patient chooses expert physicians in the field. 

Carbon Peeling FAQs

Is there any harm or side effects of a carbon peeling treatment?
Is there any harm or side effects of a carbon peeling treatment?

Carbon peeling, which is a very useful application in terms of both cleansing the skin and removing imperfections, is known for having a strong effect. Side effects such as excessive peeling and intense redness on the skin surface may occur in people with sensitive skin. Apart from this, although there is no known harm, it is recommended to consult with an expert on the details before the application.

What are the skin treatments required after a carbon peeling?
What are the skin treatments required after a carbon peeling?

Skin after a carbon peeling treatment may be sensitive, therefore a skincare routine is very important.
Some recommended steps for this can be explained as follows:

Sunscreen should be used at all times when outdoors, regardless of the season.

Products used in skin care routines should have skin soothing properties.

Consistently moisturisng the skin and not leaving it dry will help achieve a positive result.
Using doctor's recommended products for skin care routines helps minimize any future problems that may be encountered.

In which cases is a carbon peeling applied?
In which cases is a carbon peeling applied?

Skin care problems where carbon peeling is mainly preferred are as follows:

Prevention and drying of acne
Removal of blemishes caused by the sun or aging
Reducing the appearance of blackheads
Tightening enlarged pores
Removal of excess oil on the skin
Increasing collagen production
Brighter and more vibrant skin
Removal of fine lines and wrinkles on the face

Is carbon peeling results permanent?
Is carbon peeling results permanent?

It can take an average of 15 days to see the expected results after the procedure.

When it comes to permanence, it would be correct to say that the effects of this procedure continue for a long time. Deformations that develop due to aging or the effect of the sun, continue to damage the skin despite this procedure. Regular skin care is recommended to protect against this kind of damage.

What kind of results can be seen with carbon peeling?
What kind of results can be seen with carbon peeling?

Preference of a carbon peeling treatment provides noticeable results including acne and blackheads on the skin surface disappear, uneven skin tone is corrected, visibly reduced lines and wrinkles, and large pores are tightened.

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